2017 Honoree of the Society of Midland Authors, 2018.

Published by ANTIBOOKCLUB, Ben Greenman’s Don Quixotic, is

a trenchantly philosophical and sharply satirical exploration of the inner musings of Donald J. Trump.


"Brilliant and wry." 

—Karen Russell


"Incapable of writing anything dry or familiar or expected. He is one of the most versatile, consistently surprising writers at work today." 

—Dave Eggers


"He writes sentences so sharp they hurt." 

—Jess Walter


"What a fine and unique writer Ben Greenman is. I love his sentences, his precision. I feel like he’s absorbed and digested so much great literature, distilling it all to create his own fantastic universe of stories and ideas." 

—Jonathan Ames


"Ben Greenman's mind contains, among other things, a literary critic, a cultural commentator, a cowboy, a satirist, a scientist, a surrealist, a nut, a genius, a child prodigy, and a poet." 

—Susan Minot


"Like Bruno Schulz, George Saunders, Donald Barthelme, and no one else I can think of, Greenman has the power to be whimsical without resorting to whimsy." 

—Darin Straus